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Our passion… children first

The Childish Stylist talked to Mogens Jepsen about the story behind Molo

Mogens Jepsen

Molo’s founder, Mogens Jepsen, has been everywhere. He first traveled the world with the organization Up with People at age 18, experiencing international cultures and customs and spent more than a year in the U.S., living with more than 50 families nationwide. Today, he uses his experience to turn his Denmark-based clothing brand into something that children all over the planet identify with.

The meaning of Molo

What does the name Molo mean? Jepsen says that there’s actually two versions: first, Molo is an abbreviation of the first two letters of Mogens, and the first two letters of the first designer he worked with, Louis. But the second, more complicated version that Molo is French slang for ‘relax’ or ‘be cool.’ That’s how kids wearing Molo feel.

Molo’s team sat down virtually with The Childish Stylist to answer some questions about what you’ll find in your box when you receive Molo clothes. Enjoy!


Being cool with Molo

The world of children's fashion was much different in 2003, when Molo started. What would you say are the biggest differences in designing and producing clothes today?

When Molo was founded, it was very much as a contrast to the otherwise very neutral selection of kidswear available. Today we still design playful kidswear and we now have a lot of experience and many resources to draw from. Both in terms of tailoring, durability and sustainability.

Since the Corona pandemic, people's lives have changed a lot, especially for children. Have the lifestyle changes had any influence on your upcoming seasons or trends? Will there be many more sweatpants and "comfy" styles? Have you had to adapt to selling more online, rather than in the physical stores?

Molo has never been a formal wear brand – we have always focused on creating collections in a high quality for everyday wear. This has always included more casual and comfy products. So the current trends very much complies with our concept in general.

We are always interested in the clothes that the founder's own children like! I know the story of the baby clothing line designed in 2005 for Mogens' second child. What have been his children's favourite clothes from Molo over the years?

Filippa, the founder’s 16-year-old daughter, has grown up with Molo, and her favourite has changed a lot over the years. From being a fan of pretty styles and vibrant colours, she now finds most of her favourite items among the more muted teenage collection. Right now, her favourite is the Molton Jacket from the SS21 boys collection.

Being cool with Molo

Molo clothes are sold in 40 countries... Were you ever surprised by what was popular in each country? Denmark is very different from many of these countries- how do you stay relevant to the children and parents in places like Russia and China?

We create clothes for the kids. Kids that play, moves and explores. Naturally we try to accommodate different market’s needs, but we also think that designing for playful happy kids is a universal thing.

How are kids involved?

Being cool with Molo

How are children involved in your design? Your clothes are for them, on their terms... what does that mean realistically?

We have children, in different ages, trying out every sample made for every collection. Our in-house tailors adjust the designs so that all Molo styles are easy to move in and comfortable to wear for the kids.

GOTS certified organic

Is there anything you'd like to tell The Childish Stylist readers about Molo and the clothes they receive?

The clothes they receive from Molo will primarily be GOTS certified organic. The GOTS certificate guarantees that a product is completely organic, from the sowing and harvesting of raw materials, to the full finish of the product. This means everything from agriculture, harvesting, processing and manufacturing, as well as packaging and branding. With no use of harmful chemicals - both for the workers and for the end-consumer.

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