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‘Vi gør os umage’: Striving to Be Even Better

The Childish Stylist talked to Marlene Holmboe about the history of MarMar of Copenhagen

The Childish Stylist is lucky enough to partner with many wonderful companies that help us fill our boxes with the clothes that children love. A longtime favourite of ours is MarMar. As their website says;

“MarMar Copenhagen is a premium Danish children´s fashion brand for boys and girls - from newborn to sixteen years. MarMar Copenhagen is defined by sophisticated, classic luxury, cool quirky details, the best possible qualities and a strong sense of functionality.”

Some of the busy people at this forward-thinking company sat down with us- safely, through the internet!- to tell us more about MarMar’s work and history.

MarMar’s history

MarMar dog playing

- How has the company grown and changed since 2008? Are there any guiding principles that changed over time for MarMar?

The first collection I did by myself, from the second collection I got help from a freelance pattern maker – who´s still part of our MarMar family and from the fourth collection we had another colleague join. Today we are 15 in the office on a daily basis.

When I started MarMar Copenhagen, I wanted to produce long-lasting clothes in both quality and design. Beautiful colours, a lot of solids, that would mix and match and make it easy to put together clothes for your kids that would look great in every combination and feel even greater for the kids to wear. That is still at the core of every collection. Today, collections are larger than in the early days, so we have more options and more prints, but is still the same guiding principles: long-lasting design in both quality and design.


MarMar NOOS clothing stack

NOOS, or Never Out of Stock, are a selection of basics that are always available. Tell us more about what inspired NOOS and how clothes or seasonal colours for the Modal are selected for it. How frequently are new styles added?

NOOS is really fuelled by limiting overproduction and for the retailers to restock within the season. NOOS products don’t go on sale either and they mix easily with the seasonal collections across time. NOOS products are basics, made to last and are passed on as kids grow. Seasonal colours are always chosen to complement NOOS in both Modal and the other qualities. Styles are not added to NOOS in a predefined pattern, but more when we realize we need it in NOOS.

OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certified

MarMar dog playing

- As of May 2020, 70% of MarMar's current production is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100® certified. Environmental efforts are very important to the company- what do you see for the future?

It is! More certified fabrics, more responsible fibres and keeping the focus on limiting overproduction and as always choosing great qualities, that last and can be passed on, to keep products alive for longer. Last season we introduced our Charity Tee, where our total sale is donated to a charity focused on getting the planet back in shape. Last season it was Oceana, looking after the world’s oceans. This season the total sale will go to buying forest.

- Did your (Marlene’s) children have favourite styles or clothes from the collection? What were they?

From the very first season, my kids were dressed in MarMar from top to toe. Every season held a new favourite for each of them. But surely the Modal basics were favourites of theirs, and actually my 16 year old twin girls are still very fond of the Modal basics. The brown Leo legs, they’ve had in every size too. Today, the puffer coats and the cashmere accessories are top choices for the girls and my son definitely would have liked them, if we did menswear too. He’s 19 now.

MarMar dog playing

- Is there anything quintessentially "Danish" about MarMar or do you see the company as more pan-European?

Maybe more Scandinavian than Danish, with the clean aesthetics and the fundamental democratic design philosophy we are build on. But obviously we are delighted the clothes appeal the kids and parents all over the world.

- Can you say anything about the The Childish Stylist partnership? [Interviewer’s note: my own son received his first piece of MarMar clothing through The Childish Stylist, a pair of pants he loves]

So happy to hear your son loves the pants. We cherish our partnership with you at The Childish Stylist! The carefully curated boxes, everyone specifically put together for the recipient – we love that idea! Putting your heart and thoughts into what you do, making an effort, is important to us and to you too, which makes us a perfect match.

MarMar NOOS clothing stack

- What is the most important thing that readers should know about MarMar?

Oh I would love to tell you so many different things … but the most important must be, that when you wear MarMar, I hope you feel the love and dedication that goes into every piece of clothes we make and love it just as much. We love being the first thing baby wears and dressing kids all the way up to 12 years for boys and 16 years for girls. And we also have a special range designed for women, some even made for twinning.

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